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About Us

About Us


NavyBrown is your new-age content comrade.

We curate & produce original branded content for Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Luxury, Food & Beverages, Automotive & Hospitality brands and agencies.

We continually attempt to create work that is rich, relevant and compelling through a panel of directors, cinematographers, photographers, stylists and make-up artists of international repute.

You could write to us on [email protected] or call us at +91-9004038563 for your content requirements.



Sudhir is extremely affable, responsive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. There is a sense of reassurance that he is deeply interested not just in his work but to ensure his client is completely satisfied with the end project. There is a reason why I continue to be in touch with him beyond the work he has done for me - His ability to fully understand a brief and deliver in a timely manner. His work and taste are distinctively classy. The process of working remotely with him was seamless. It is commendable for anyone to deliver purely based on interactions that are not in person. He seems more well versed with the use of tech than his peers in the space.

-Nanditha Gopal, Partner at AZB & Partners

Do not work with The Navy Brown. You will end up like me - addicted to having a proactive creative partner ready to brainstorm late at night; spoilt by their resourcefulness, efficiency, stress-free project management; and consequently unable to work with any other production company but them. The Navy Brown should come with a health disclaimer. The government should intervene.

- Dipankar Mukherjee, Chief- Innovations, HyperCollective.

"Sudhir and Bhavya are a great team, working with the crew of Navybrown has been an absolute pleasure. Their expertise, attentiveness, consideration, and professionalism always elevates the project. A couple of times our team had very specific circumstances that they needed to accommodate, which Sudhir did without trouble." Bhavya, when she is not working her magic as the make up director, ensures that there’s best food for the crew on the set and happy crew always delivers good work in time. Their transparent but organized approach to collaboration with Capsul and Past Forward have resulted in many fabulous pieces of content used by brands like PUMA on multiple platforms."

- Meenakshi Singh, Director, Capsul & Past Forward